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  • Drive additional sources of revenue with CITCo e-tourism & profit support services
  • Revolutionary Marketing Services & Revenue Generation
  • Web Engaged Tele-services
  • Digital Marketing Profit Support

Services vs Costs

CTICo’s services are available to all Hotels & Resorts at no up-front cost. CTICo is so confident in our ability to use our databases and technologies to improve the marketing results for all hotels will be paid only from a commission on sales.

In other words, all hotels can immediately eliminate a cost center and assign the sales and marketing services to CTICo.

In addition, in order to ensure that your current tour operators remain committed to all hotels, we will share these commissions with them, in accordance with the customer base they provide.

As is clear from the Proposal, in addition to providing e-tourism sales and marketing support, CTICo is able to provide an array of additional technical services for all hotels that will enhance their IT and communications systems. These additional services will be provided, if needed, at additional costs.

Hospitality Outsourcing

Integrated Marketing

CTICo marketing services utilize a range of voice and digital marketing channels to communicate with customers via their preferred channel.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management enables a highly effective customer relations strategy to identify customer needs, deploying careful sales mechanisms.
Our system enables us to deliver your value proposition to potential and existing customers, generating additional revenue and growing your customer base.
This approach enables us to “gently” up-sell, cross-sell, retain customers and grow your customer base through referral and partner channels.

Central to our system is our Integrated Marketing Database which captures all data from all website, email & social media users including demographics & user interests and activities which can be accessed by the lead generation team.

Marketing Channels


CTICo operates a fully digitally enabled voice marketing system. Our voice marketing specialists can interact with your customers and prospects by phone, text message, email and social media. Our dedicated team is highly trained to protect your brand with quality scripting and monitoring. We invite all of our clients to visit our contact center and take part in the process.


CTICo deploys several digital marketing channels together both maximizing successful connections and communication but also interacting with the customer in via their preferred means. We include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email and Database Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Partner Networks

Social Media

The growth of social media has significantly changed the way customers interact with their brands and our social media services offer a market leading solution for customer services, lead generation, sales and audience growth.

  • Brand Watch – See what people are saying about you and interact
  • Lead Generation – Searches for conversations on social media groups that could generate leads – we would go in and interact to develop the lead.
  • Customer services 24/7
  • Localized Geo-targeted advertising
  • Long term customer interaction

Member Management

Relationship Building and Member engagement are key to our membership management services. We encourage customers and prospects to bond with the brand, track member preferences and share these with our clients through our CRM system.

An ongoing member interaction program allows us to connect with customers on special days such as anniversaries and birthdays to further maintain the relationship across multiple communication channels.

Card Usage

Card membership programs offer an excellent way to extend the relationship with your customers. Our services allow you to reach outing with ongoing offers and promotions. Our social media and integrated e-contact center solutions play an integral role in maintaining these relations.

Go Value Destinations

We have our own “plugin” members reward system offering a wealth of value added offers for your customers. The system comes with full crm so you can access all customer information and patterns. Take the full tour here.

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