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Digital Marketing

Our approach to Digital Marketing integrates all marketing channels with our Contact Center services maximizing sales & enhancing customer support by providing superior reach whilst using customer preferred contact methods.

Integrated Strategy chart

Integrated Marketing centralises all marketing data in our CRM platform.

Each marketing channel is managed by a specialist and all data is centralized into our marketing database & CRM enabling us to build profile for each of your prospects and customers. Our contact center is available to provide 24/7 sales and customer support.

Our Customer Relations Management System (CRM) captures all data from all website, email & social media marketing channels including demographics, user interests and activities which can be accessed by our customer services & sales departments.

Marketing Channels

Digital marketing covers a wide spectrum of marketing channels requiring specialist knowledge to maximize results by delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

The infographic below details many of the component parts in a detailed marketing program.

If you want more specific information on each channel then browse some of the features below or contact our sales team for further information and a full Opportunity Audit detailing how and where we can help your business.

Digital Marketing Channels Infographic based on the London Tube system

Digital Marketing Infographic based on the London Tube system

Social Media

      • Localized – Geo-targeted advertising
      • Brand Watch – See what people are saying about you and interact
      • Lead Generation – Searches for conversations on social media groups that could generate leads – we would go in and interact to develop the lead.
      • Work with content development team to gain maximum penetration
      • Video/graphic production and social media network distribution
      • Highly targeted advertising (by workplace, location, demographics and interests)
      • Press and Amplified feed posts – Communicate press to your network and the media and make it stay improving your EdgeRank.
      • Promotional campaigns.
      • Rapidly grow the audience on all groups – Gain 1000’s of group users

Search Engine Marketing

      • High search position on broad selection of key phrases
      • Website content development to target specific markets/segments
      • Links, content distribution & social integration
      • Highly targeted lead generation

Affiliate Partner Platform

Partner marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate sales. Many websites generate over 60% of gross sales from partners and in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry this can be higher. Our platform comes fully managed and includes the following features:

      • Allow partners to generate leads for revenue share or flat rate
      • Partner referrals
      • Advanced Marketing tools
      • Seamless integration into any website
      • Syndication of content such as white papers to generation leads
      • Integrate with CRM and tracking system to monitor all campaigns
      • Detailed analytics


      • Custom and managed solutions for all newsletter and bulk email requirements
      • Get your mail into inbox’s and read with our tried and tested specialist techniques
      • Extensive tracking and statistics – Track users from calls/web, track clicks, likes, website activity and return visits
      • Email design
      • Enterprise frameworks
      • Database management

Contact Center Integration – Sales & Customer Service

      • Customer preferred contact method (Live chat, email, social or Voice)
      • Maximize conversions & Improve customer support with multichannel approach
      • Voice customer service & sales
      • Live chat, Email & Social Media customer service & sales
      • Integrates with Web platform & digital marketing
      • Optional Voice Support for all digital marketing channels

To find out more about our Digital Marketing Services & Contact Center support for Websites and Social Media campaigns please contact us or request a call back.

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