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Ron McKay, CEO and Co-Founder of ADS Global and CTICO Ltd

offer2Mr. McKay brings extensive experience in the areas of sales & marketing, distribution channels, product roll-out and company administration. In the early 1990’s, Mr. McKay moved away from the Real Estate Industry to enter the newly opened competitive markets within the Telecommunications Industry; implementing resale channels for AT&T DNS/SDN and WilTel Long Distance Services. In 1992, Mr. McKay joined World Telecom Group, Inc.
of Mountain view, CA. WTG was the first company to introduce the concept of Prepaid Telecommunications Services to the U.S. Mr. McKay was one of the first persons in the U.S. to roll-out marketing campaigns and setup distribution channels for prepaid telecommunications services. He was actively involved in every aspect of the Prepaid Phone card Industry during its inception and growth stages as an Industry Pioneer & Entrepreneur. He quickly rose through the ranks of W.T.G. and after spearheading several Licensing Marketing Agreements that utilized Celebrity Images which resulted in sales production that represented nearly 25% of the company’s total revenue; he was elevated to Divisional Vice President. Mr. McKay ran the number one division four times and never fell out of the top five for three straight years and during his tenure with the company, WTG became the largest issuer of remote memory-renewable Prepaid Technologies in the world.

In 1997, Mr. McKay formed The Nova Group, Inc., a full service Telecom/Communications Provider. From 1997 until present, Nova has spun off several other companies including Eagle Communications and NOVA Contact Center Platforms and My Digital Advantage, Go Value Networks, America Direct Services and most recently ADS Global, Inc. Together these companies have developed a “Marketing Driven” Group of Communications Companies on the cutting edge of creative distribution programs such as Call Center Marketing with facilities throughout the world and Affinity-based Marketing with Non-profit and Trade Organizations throughout the U.S.

In 2001, Mr. McKay launched a near shore strategy for America Direct Services, Inc., which included offices in Barbados, Guyana and St. Vincent. Call Center Operations were built out to over 500 workstations in just 4 years and the development of the largest privately owned call center group in the Caribbean that specialized in B2B marketing & support services. In 2004, America Direct divested its interests in the Eastern Caribbean and established operations in Montego Bay, Jamaica. America Direct participated in several key vocational programs with the Government of Jamaica from 2007- 2009 including “H.E.A.R.T.” programs and it was the biggest supporter of “Spruce Up Jamaica” in the summer of 2009. In the 4th Quarter of 2009, Mr. McKay consolidated all worldwide operations and moved them to Jamaica while forming ADS Global, Inc. ADS Global is pioneering the worldwide business model of web-engaged B2B Tele-services and currently employs over 250 employees with a forecasted 40% growth target by 2013. ADS Global recently developed a 10,000 sq. ft. contact center facility in late 2011 in the brand new Fairview Complex in Montego Bay in order to support its project growth.

In 2011, ADS Global formed CTICO Ltd. with the former Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, the Hon. Edmund Bartlett. The Caribbean Tourism Investment Company has spearheaded customized Profit Support and Loyalty Reward Models for the Hotel, Tourism and Travel Sectors including its own private label OTA / Lifestyle Rewards Platform:

Mr. McKay’s accomplishments also include his past participation as a member of the Board of Directors of Research for Rett Syndrome Foundation. Rett Syndrome is a neurological disease that is the most common form of mental retardation found in female births. Rett severely handicaps little girls and may end their lives prematurely. Mr. McKay developed and spearheaded one of the most successful fundraising promotions – “The Courtney Campaign”, which raised over $1,000,000 in much needed funds for medical research in addition to creating awareness.

Mr. McKay sits on The Telemarketing Advisory Board for BPA Worldwide ( and is a member of the Board for the National Trade Circulation Foundation, Inc., “NTCFI” ( Mr. McKay is a member of the Board of Directors of AMCHAM – Jamaica ( in addition to being the Chairman for AMCHAM’s Trade and Investment Committee. In the summer of 2012, Mr. McKay represented AMCHAMJamaica at the Annual Conference of the US Chamber of Commerce and the AACCLA held in Washington DC. On April 23, 2013, Mr. McKay was appointed by the Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining of Jamaica, the Hon. Philip Paulwell, to the newly formed Board of Directors for the Jamaica Energy Council.

Mr. McKay received his BS in Marketing and Business Administration from the College of Commerce & Finance at Villanova University and was born & raised in the Greater Philadelphia Region of Pennsylvania, USA.

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